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The University of Auckland Formula SAE (FSAE) Team is New Zealand’s oldest FSAE Team. FSAE combines the engineering knowledge gained in class at the University of Auckland with a passion for motorsports and design brilliance.

The University of Auckland FSAE team gives students one of the best educational experiences available to develop them into leading young innovators and engineers for tomorrow. By supporting the FSAE team you will be helping to develop young kiwi talent and provide passionate students with the opportunity to push themselves and use what they are learning in their degree to innovate and compete in a demanding real-life project.

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Executive management

Cory Ward

Cory Ward

Team Leader

Matthew Inglis

Matthew inglis

Chief Engineer

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t wright

Deputy Team Leader

Cameron Rigden

Cameron rigden

Business Leader

Luka Borland-Lye

luka borland-lye

Race Engineer

Doug Russ

Doug russ

Workshop Foreman

Christos Sanft

Christos sanft

Wellness Officer

subgroup leaders

Isabella Stevens

isabella stevens

Suspension Leader

Callum Richards

callum richards

Composites Co-Leader

Jacob Capes

Jacob capes

Driveline Leader

Michael Adolph

Michael adolph

Vehicle Dynamics Leader

Isaac Morris

Isaac Morris

Composites Co-Leader

Alex McGivern

Alex McGivern

Aerodynamics Leader

Andy Woo

Andy woo

Electrons Leader

MicrosoftTeams-image (19).png

Chris graham

Autonomous Leader

Lucas Macmillan

Lucas Macmillan

Research & Development Leader

Management 2023

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