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This is where you can stay updated with the team and get to know its subgroups and members
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Fuelled by passion: Formula SAE team races towards success

By Hussein Moses, The University of Auckland

"He joined the Formula SAE team in the second year of his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree, starting out as a newbie on the suspension team and eventually moving up the ranks to suspension leader before being named chief engineer. Next year, he’ll start a job at Rocket Lab in the ground systems engineering team."

"Motorsport and engineering have always interested me, which motivated me to join the Formula SAE team. I joined the team earlier this year as a mechanical newbie. I immediately felt connected with like-minded individuals with similar interests." 

"Our philosophy for the M023 design has been to build upon the M022: Keep what works, change what doesn’t, and improve wherever we can. Here is a sneak peek into each subgroup and what they have been working on since the beginning of the year as well as their focuses for 2023 as a whole."

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