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Formula sae 47 alumni

We want to showcase the team's alumni and what they have gone to pursue after their time on the FSAE47 team

FSAE helped me immensely in developing the skills I require as a Systems Enginner within the ESS (electric storage systems) team at McLaren Automotive. In my role I'm responsible for both the technical aspects of the high voltage battery as well as ensuring it is delivered on time and to cost. Firstly FSAE helped me from a technical perspective through introducing me to and building my knowledge around high performance electric cars. While I wasn't involved in designing the car I still picked up a lot of technical knowledge through bring so involved with the team. The biggest area the team benefited me was through the project management and leadership skills I developed. These are incredibly transferable skills that I use daily in not only my current role but all jobs I've had. I'm very grateful for the opportunity FSAE gave me and would encourage anybody thinking of getting involved or thinking of supporting the students who are to do so.

- Lizzy Grant

a word from our faculty advisor:

Those students who are successful in joining the F:SAE:47 team have a fantastic opportunity to put their on-course learnings into practice. Being a team member provides an environment that enables students to test their knowledge and understand how theory works in practice. Team members finish their degrees with the strong understanding of concepts that a University of Auckland degrees provide, complemented by their experience in implementing these concepts. As well as this development of technical skills, teamwork and leadership are also core skills developed within the team. The success of this co-curricular activity for students is evidenced by the array of prestigious companies graduates go to work for and the number of startups that have been created by alumni.

- Dr Tom Allen, Faculty Advisor

Are you an alumni and want to get featured? 

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