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Designing and manufacturing an electric race car is an incredible project and an immense undertaking. Apply to join us and have one of the most rewarding experiences possible at the university!


  • Learn engineering manufacture techniques from scratch

  • Develop high-level engineering design analysis and modelling skills

  • Learn to procure sponsors and liaise with the media

There are endless opportunities for personal development! 

Our electrical team are responsible for design and manufacture of our 500V accumulator, along with the associated safety, control, and data acquisition systems.

We develop custom battery packs, vehicle management software and motor controllers. There is near endless scope for custom development and we encourage you to come up with your own ideas to explore!


Mechanical skills are the bread and butter of the team. As a Mechanical recruit, your role will consist of either metal or composites manufacturing in the Chassis, Suspension, Driveline, or Aerodynamics subgroup. Skills are taught on the job but having an aptitude for practical skills is a must!

Metal fabrication skills include hand fabrication, manual machining and welding. 

Composites fabrication skills include hand finishing, wet lamination, pre-impregnated layup and infusions. 

Our Marketing Team plays a fundamental role in the operation of the team. As a Marketing recruit, your role will involve generating and maintaining sponsorship, generating revenue, managing publicity and marketing, event organisation and publishing newsletters. The role of a Marketing recruit requires a diverse skills base to draw upon. We recruit specialists and generalists, too! 

Application Process
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Newbie Projects

This is the final stage of the application process. There will be a Newbie Project for applicants who continue to impress us, hopefully, this will give you a taste of what it's like on the team and give us a pretty good indication of how you work. 

Good luck!