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The M04 is the first car the team made. The car finished all events at competition, meaning we were one of the few teams that did so in their first year of existence. The M04 was a steel – space framed chassis powered by a Yamaha YZF-R6. The M04 laid the groundwork for the team in the future. 


Four years after the development of the M04, the M08 was born. Being the only 47 cars to feature a supercharged combustion engine, the M08 also had one of the narrowest trackwidths of FSAE cars seen at the time. Debuting a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the M08 provided a lot of knowledge for the future cars. 


A different approach to competing was applied to the M012. Preferring agility and efficiency while sacrificing little speed and acceleration. This was done by swapping out the previous powertrain for a lighter, yet less powerful unit. Also bringing back a 4-speed sequential gearbox and further aero sidepod development completed the package, and the M012 was born. 


The 2013 was a year of innovation as the M013 saw the first introduction of a full aero package on the car, severely increasing the downforce of the car compared to its predecessors. This was accompanied with a change in gearbox and drivetrain modifications which also set the stage for the M013’s successors. 


The M014 is very similar to the already dialed in M013 but taken a step further in every way. A emphasize on the diffuser of the car, reduction in weight as well as improvements to the engine meant that the M014 recorded its then best result of 3rd in Australasia.  


The M015 was the lightest car built by the team, weighing in at 162 kg. The M015 feature a special ¾ carbon fiber monocoque with a rear engine frame. This was the last car to have an internal combustion engine as the team would look towards electric motors in their drivetrain. 


In a world ever changing and pushing towards social sustainability, the want for electric motor vehicles in motorsport was growing exponentially. The M016 was our answer to this call. Not only were the sustainability improvements apparent, the performance gained by the applied instant torque was not able to be ignored. 


The same, yet better. The M017 featured many features like that of the M016 sporting similar motors, inverters, chassis etc. Yet better because of improvement to the car such as being lighter while still producing equal torque. Lastly, M017 was our first car to wear the signature blue and orange livery. 

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The M021 car is yet to be unveiled, but keep your eyes peeled as it may be arriving sooner than you'd expect!

The M019 Car


The M019 was the team's first car featuring AWD. It also came with a giant full-aero packaged for increased performance on-track.

The M018 Car


The M018 was the team's sexiest car yet, as well as our lightest electric car to date. Simple yet effective, it won us 3rd place overall in an extremely competitive competition