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Thank you for considering sponsoring The University of Auckland Formula SAE Team Inc.

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How to support us

Firstly, we receive a lot of attention from both students and general members of the public due to the uniqueness of our existence. The team has not only successfully built autocross race cars for 10 years but also built an impeccable reputation. With this in mind, as a sponsor, your company will receive invaluable exposure and brand awareness to your target market. The team is the perfect platform to link university students and engineering firms along with their employees. We also receive a great deal of attention from automotive enthusiasts and laypeople alike. Moreover, we host exclusive social events for our sponsors and members.

The team has, and is, producing world-class engineers who not only gain an ocean of theoretical knowledge but an equally matched set of practical skills and experiences. The team maintains close contact with alumni for support and direction. When you support our team you are not only investing in the future of New Zealand engineering, but also improving the quality of the world-class engineers of tomorrow. Many of our alumni are now working for our sponsors nationally and across the globe.

To add to this, our popular and eye catching cars are displayed in numerous events across the university and a multitude of other events. A few examples include UoA Courses and Careers day, New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing, V8 Supercars ITM 400, Wheels of Fortune and CRC Speedshow. Beyond these interactive events, our cars have also appeared in numerous publications, such as the NZ Motorsport Yearbook and Engineering & Manufacturing.

There are three ways you can support the team

Financial support – By donating funds.

Materials - Support the team by donating your superior quality products the team could use.

Manufacturing - Support the team in our manufacturing process by donating your tools or assisting in machining.

The team would gladly accept any specialist support and advice in regards to materials and manufacturing.


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